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© Women For Peace In Africa (WPA)
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WPA's mission is to provide cutting-edge answers to underprivileged women and girls in Africa who lack access to basic female needs and hygiene education, and advocate for their human rights and empowerment.
Our vision is to build a network of empowered women and girls whose rights are respected and to enhance their living conditions.
Having witnessed the devastating consequences of abject poverty on both her parents and most women in her neighborhood, Cady Wassa realized that there were few to nonexistent access to basic care for women and that most women she knew were living in extreme poverty.

Wassa moved from the Ivory Coast to the USA in 1997 to pursuit a career in modeling in the fashion industry, where she had known a successful career, as a designer and luxury fashion brand consultant. However, what gets her out of bed in the morning is the ability to bring hope and empowerment to women, girls and elderly people in African communities. What saddens her the most is that discussing menstrual cycle with girls is widely seen as a taboo in many African countries, which affect their wellbeing and self-esteem.

It is important to underline that feminine hygiene products are much too expensive for the majority of women and young girls across Africa and specifically in rural areas. As a coping mechanism, to avoid bleeding in their clothes when they are menstruating, many women use bits of dirty tissue that are usually not hygienic, which can lead to infections. When she visited, the notorious “Maison d'arrêt et de correction d'Abidjan,” Wassa realized how difficult it was for a woman in prison to have access to sanitary napkins and tampons. She wanted to do something to change that abysmal situation.

Wassa is a deep believer in education access for women as an approach to end the vicious cycle of poverty, and coming from a nation identified as one of the less developed, Wassa wanted to help improve women’s lives, who in their largest majority lack access to basic hygiene needs, education, and, female necessities. 

Women for Peace (WPA) in Africa looks forward to providing hope and empowerment to women living in utter poverty, prisons, conflict-prone areas and for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Wassa is dedicated and passionate to finding lasting peace, change in her country, in Africa, and in the broader human communities. Woman for Peace in Africa (WPA) will provide trainings in peacebuilding, seminars to educate and bring awareness concerning women’s issues and the broader gender issues. Bringing comfort and moments of peace to women’s heart and fighting to safeguard the dignity and confidence of women and girls living in poverty is what motivates and keeps her going. WPA will also be engaged in peace conversations, and help address issues of gender-based violence.
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